About Us

michele&annRPC Real Estate LLC, Retail Profit Centers, (“RPC”) was established in February, 2005 by Jeffrey D. Hipple  to purchase undervalued and under performing neighborhood convenience shopping centers located in New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Delaware. RPC acquired four (4) projects totaling $39.3 million its first year. An additional $28.6 million in two projects (which included six (6) properties) was purchased by the end of 2006. Additional centers were acquired in 2007 for $5.9 million and 2008 for $17.48 million. Chichester Square was the first RPC project sold in January 2013 for $4.1 million at a 4% gain.  Winslow Plaza sold in December 2013 for $6.6 million.  The RPC managed and leased portfolio at June 2014 is 475,232 sf with a $65 Million cost. The portfolio consists of over 150 tenants.

RPC has recently assumed the management and leasing of five (5) additional properties located in South Jersey.